4 Newsletter Strategy Tips

4 Newsletter Strategy Tips

There are a lot of important things to think about when you’re developing a newsletter strategy. We’ve isolated 4 key items that can make a huge impact on your Newsletter.


One of the proven methods to bring back some personalization to a newsletter is to add some personality to the content. Try sending your newsletter the same way your would send an email,  from a specific person writing as themselves. This gets away from the old feeling that company newsletters should be sent by a machine from an unsubscribe address, you want people to connect with you and your company so make them feel like you’re talking to them 


Pick a day of the month to send, every first Tuesday, or every other Thursday and stick to it. Avoid sending on a specific date because that could land on a day of the week you don’t want to send. Weekends are not a good time to send a newsletter, people are out doing errands or relaxing and they check email less. Its also proven that Monday and Friday aren’t good times to send either, vacations, events, or people just not being as engaged play a factor so keep that in mind. The sweet spot is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, but check your analytics as these are guidelines not the rules.

Don’t Oversend

People can be easily tempted to send newsletters over every little thing new with their company, DO NOT DO THIS, less is more with newsletters. If a user gets accustomed to seeing your newsletter name in their inbox, it lowers the impact and can sometimes frustrate people into unsubscribing.

Content Is King

Your brand and your content are what get people to open your emails. It might seem like a massive time sync to come up with good and valid content to populate your newsletter, but for a lot of people it may be the only contact that they have with your brand that month.

Is there any incentive for the user to open your newsletter? Very important to think about when you’re working on your content.

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