About Your DNS

About Your DNS

For your new site to launch using your correct domain name, there are some changes that need to be made in order to let the internet know you have a new site on a new server.

The most important part of this change is that you have the login info for your domain to make the DNS (Domain Name System) change. If you purchased your domain through a company like godaddy, it will be accessible through your godaddy account. If you aren’t sure about who managed your domain, please let us know as soon as possible.

Don’t have a domain already? You can purchase a new domain through godaddy for as little 99 cents for the first year. https://ca.godaddy.com/

After confirming you have access to administer your domain, we have 2 options for making the new site live.

Option 1 – You manage DNS

In this scenario you will have to create an “A” record in your DNS to point www.yourwebsite.com & yourwebsite.com to “xx.xxx.xxx.xx”.

Pros: Faster to get the site live (approx 1min – 1hour from the time you make the dns change) and other DNS records like email will not need to be moved over.

Cons: You have to deal with whomever currently manages the DNS and work on their schedule (unless you have an admin which would be great).

If you do not have an admin or are not sure how to manage your dns from the company you bought the domain from we can provide this service at the rate of $95/hour.

Option 2 – We manage DNS

In this scenario you point your dns to primary “ns1.cseven.net” & secondary “ns2.cseven.net” then we handle the rest. If you need help switching this to us we can also help facilitate that.

Pros: We handle all DNS issues directly and can help you move your DNS to us rather easily.

Cons: Takes slightly longer to get the site live (approx 5min to 48 hours from the time you make the dns change)

Either option will work and is required to happen at the time of launching the site, If you choose option 2 please let us know 3 business days in advance to allow time to collect the required resources and avoid any interruptions to services when the change is made.

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