Drone Services

While this may seem like the most random pairing of services ever, it is pretty technical since not only do I fly/film, but I also build, repair and program most of the drones. The end result is typically awesome, the process is fun and I have to justify all the time/money I spend on this.

What we are offering

Drones can do a lot of things these days. I am only interested in a small fraction of those things.

Fly throughs

Show your location

1 Shot takes

Tell a story in one take


Well since we are up there

When people think of drones, they often think of them way up in the air, but they don’t necessarily have to be. Drones can achieve camera angles that used to require all kinds of fancy equipment and can even go places not typically accessible due to their small form factor.

1 shot videos or drone fly throughs make an excellent way to tell a story, show facilities, outline a process, capture a memory and more.





Below are a couple of the variables when it comes to determining what it will cost.

Depending on if you measure your property in feet or acres can determine what this could cost.

Some flights are riskier than others. Are we flying over water, going through tight spaces, need permits to fly, etc.

While we have drones that can provide protection from injuries, it is good to know if there will be people or animals present.

For most scenarios, in camera stabilization is sufficient. If you want your video to be extra smooth or consistently keep the horizon level we can do post stabilization to make it extra smooth.

Happy to just give you the raw files and you can chop them up however you like. Alternatively we can provide some editing services.

How we sell our drone services


Small flythrough (<2000 sq ft)
Starting at $250
Medium flythrough (<10000 sq ft)
Starting at $500
Large flythrough (10000 sq ft +)
Starting at $1000
Starting at $250

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