A wise man said to give people their flowers while they are here and last year I took the opportunity to do so. Not just to say “hey nice one”, but to really speak from the heart to them and say something meaningful. Today being Valentines day, I thought would be good day for this topic. We often speed through life, but sometimes it is good to slow it down, look at those around us and say thanks out of the blue for something they may not even know about. Dog walks can help with processing these thoughts. Lots of rescues that could use a home… hint hint :)

In the case of this story the person was my godfather. When I heard the news he was not doing well it got me thinking of our times together and it was really eye-opening to see how many things he instilled in me at an early age. From being a funny adult, to being an entrepreneur, an animal lover (hence plug above), photographer, having a passion for remote control cars/helicopters and so much more, thinking back he really made quite the impact on my life. The thing was, he likely never knew this so I wrote him a letter to tell him and say thanks. We often have these realizations once people are gone, so as the title of this article suggests, you should tell people these thoughts while they are still here. Sometimes it can be awkward to say something, but to live with not saying something can be even worse.

Last year on this day (of all days right?), my Godfather passed on. While I am still saddened at losing him, I am grateful I got the opportunity to say what I did, when I did. Not just for his sake, but also for his family who also learned of his profound impact on my life. There may not of been a c-Seven had it not been for him, so I guess that’s how we can loosely tie this article back to what we do.

So where are we going with this sappy-ass article haha. I guess it is to have gratitude for those who help you along in life and plant the positive seeds of inspiration to those around them. Sometimes people never know the impact of their actions so tell them. As Warren Buffet said “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” In the line of work we are in, relationships and people you can trust are everything. Some of my clients and partners I have been working with for many years are like family to me. It goes well beyond the client/vendor relationship. While the money may come and go, the kinds words they say will live with me forever.

So give people their flowers while they are here. You just might make someone’s day. Heck you might even make your own.