Is SEO Still Relevant?

Is SEO Still Relevant?

One goal of most businesses with a web presence is to achieve high rankings through the major search engines. In the past, one way to move your business to the top search results was utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. SEO involved creating effective websites and following numerous requirements and guidelines established by the major search engines, most notably, Google.

Search engines then indexed and ran website content through complex and complicated algorithms to determine and established rankings in relevant search results. Initially, some businesses attempted to fool the automated processes used by the major search engines by over-spamming keywords, key phrases, and other unsavory methods. However, as it is with any new technology, the search engines soon caught on and implemented further changes modifying how SEO worked and affected site rankings.

While the SEO landscape has changed over the years with a wide array of various updates, changes in how algorithms work, back linking methodologies, and others, SEO is still relevant today. Rather than getting caught up on how to beat the search engines’ automated processes and algorithms, it is far better to adjust your online marketing strategies to reflect current trends in the online industry.

Among the more recent changes businesses need to adapt to, are updating their websites so they are mobile user friendly. This is not just a matter of creating a stand-alone mobile website for mobile users. Mobile friendly websites need to by dynamic and entice site visitors to remain on your website and web pages. Simply slapping together flashy images, videos, and overloading pages with banner ads and pop-ups is the fastest way to hurt your search engine rankings and alienate your site visitors.

Rather, it all goes back to the quality of the content posted to your web pages. Is the content original and unique? Does it grab the attention of site visitors? When was the last time the content was updated? These all factor into how your website is ranked by the major search engines. In addition, keywords and key phrases are still essential, but they must appear naturally and organically within the content and not be overly used. Ideally, one to two keywords or key phrases is perfect for most content posted on web pages.

Another method gaining in popularity to increase search engine rankings and drive people to websites is blogging. Blogging is writing an industry relevant piece of content your visitors would be interested in reading about, such as tips and tricks for traveling internationally if you are in the travel industry or effective web design in Toronto, if you are a Toronto web design company. But, simply posting a blog is not enough, as you need to allow your site visitors the option to share, comment, and like your posts.

SEO has not gone away, it has merely changed and adapted as the online industry has grown and changed. To learn more about effective web design and how it relates to SEO, contact C-Seven at 416-800-0682 today.

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