Online Small Business Tips for 2016

Online Small Business Tips for 2016

Consumers are starting to play a more active role in how online businesses conduct business. They desire user friendly browsing experiences to get to the products, information, and other content they are seeking. In addition, consumers want to have more say in these online experiences, as well as more control over the products and services they purchases. As a result, online e-commerce sites need to incorporate new strategies into their web design in Toronto. In order to remain successful in 2016, here are some tips you need to consider incorporating into your online strategies:

Responsive Website Design

In 2015, the number of mobile device users accessing online content and conducting searches through the major search engines surpassed traditional desktop browsing. Online businesses need to be aware of this, as the number of mobile device users is going to continue to grow in 2016. In order to continue to be able to reach these people, and potential customers, you need to update your website with a responsive design.

A responsive website is one that makes it easy for both mobile device users and desktop users to access and view your content. The website intuitively determines the type of device being used to access content and automatically adjusts the content to fit the screen size of the device. In addition, Google and other major search engines now give priority in search results for mobile friendly, responsive websites.

Pictures and Video Content

Pictures and videos add value to your brand. Consumers desire this type of content because it helps them make purchasing decisions. You can say your products or services are this or that, but without pictures or videos to back it up, consumers may not be fully persuaded to make a purchase.

Another great use for videos is to use them to create informative content for your target market, such as DIY, how-to, and demonstration videos. This type of video content further helps you build stronger relationships with your customers and makes it easier for them to make a connection your brands and company.

Social Media

Social media is going to still be relevant in 2016 for online businesses. If you lack a social media presence, you will want to establish one on some of the more popular social media sites. Depending upon your business, there are several ways to utilize social media and connect with your target audience and reach your customers.

Consumer Driven Customizations

Consumers want the ability to customize their products and services. From being able to customize package designs and product labels to having complete control over the services they purchase. Online businesses need to be aware of this, and while customizations are not always possible for every product or service, they should be adapted where applicable because this further strengthens the bonds between your customers and your business.

The Cloud and XaaS

The Cloud will continue to expand and grow in 2016 creating new opportunities for many small businesses, which specialize in providing online services. Additionally, software and application developers will start to provide more options, both for your business, and potentially your customers, as there will be a growing demand for Everything-as-a-Service (Xaas).

Now is a great time to review your online website and determine what areas you need to make improvements in for 2016. Please feel free to contact c-Seven today at 416-800-0682 for more information about responsive website design services in Toronto and other web-related solutions for your online business.

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