Our Web Design Prediction for 2016

Our Web Design Prediction for 2016

Now that the sun has set on 2015 and a new sunrise has started in 2016, it’s anybody’s guess what will be the next big thing this year. Here our some of our predictions for web design trends in 2016.


Continued Mobile Marketshare Growth

Mobile market share continued to rise in 2015 and we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. With newer devices giving better battery life and larger screens at a better and better price point, not only are some people favouring their phone over their desktop or laptop, they’re doing away with them entirely! This is a reason we see responsive websites becoming more and more of a must have instead of a nice to have.


Interactive and Animated Content

Most people remember the animated and over the top flash websites that everyone wanted in the early 2000’s, and that’s a trend we don’t want to see return. What we do see happening is the growth of smooth, responsive transitions and animations for content, items fading in and fading out as a user scrolls through the page or small, subtle animations on a form submition. The best way we see these used would be animations that you don’t even notice until you try and find out what you love about the page.


Moving Away From Stock Photography

Stock Photography has been a great way to add life to a page when other images were not available. As smartphone cameras become better and better, we’ll see people moving further away from stock photos and more into actual photos of their office, products, location, and people. Video will also take a bite out of stock photography as more and more people are adding inline video instead of traditional image sliders at the top of their pages.


Beautiful Content

Some years we’ve seen flash-y (pun intended) sites take center stage while the content moved to the back. We see 2016 being a great year for sites with content center stage, and looking better than it ever. Using new technologies like google font, we’re no longer limited to the typeface, and with subtle adjustments to the typography, there is no end to how great your content can look.


User Registration

With content being tailored to specific users and the need to make it relevant for your audience, we see user registration and the smart use of data continuing to grow in 2016. User registration not only helps you with things like newsletters, but it also lets you know who’s using your site, their age, gender, forms they fill out, and products they purchase, using this data correctly will be the biggest trend of 2016 in our opinions.


c-Seven strives to stay current with all upcoming trends and in many cases, works to set them. All these items above are  possible using the Mantis CMS and working with existing c-Seven services. If you would like to learn more, please click here to contact us.

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