Proposal for test co

By: Simon McCaffrey
For: test name

Proposal #: 1


Dear test

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me to discuss your business objectives and considering c-Seven to assist you with the updating of your website with content management. This proposal is based on the communication between test name (test co) and Simon McCaffrey (c-Seven).

The purpose of this project is to ...

  • Create a great looking website that works well across all devices
  • Migrate website to WordPress
  • Create a website that you can easily update yourself
  • Provide training and ongoing support for you or your staff on how to use the system.

c-Seven Media has been in business for over twenty years and has served a wide range of customers in varying marketplaces. In the process of delivering these business solutions, c-Seven Media has developed a considerable set of valuable assets available to “jump start” projects. These assets allow c-Seven Media to more accurately estimate the costs and timelines of projects and, through this, our company has developed a reputation for delivering projects on time and on budget. Please take a moment to visit a few of our recently completed sites, &

c-Seven is privileged to work with a diverse group of customers and takes great pride in the relationships we build with each of them. Our philosophy in working with our customers is to move beyond the position of being merely a vendor: our objective is to become the web solution partner to our customers. We look forward to discussing this proposal with you and partnering with you in the execution of this exciting project.


Simon McCaffrey

Tel: 416-800-0682
Email: [email protected]

Pricing Estimate

Below is an approximate summary of the services we will provide and their estimated timeframes. Any estimates provided have been calculated based on our understanding of requirements gathered to date. If the estimate exceeds the budget because further effort or new activities are discovered, progresstodate will be reviewed and mutual agreement to proceed will be obtained under a change request addendum to the final statement of work.

ServicesRateHours LowHours HighPrice LowPrice High
Consulting, Project Management & Quality Assurance$10012$100$200
Web Site Audit$10012$100$200
Search Engine Optimization$10012$100$200
Graphic Design$10012$100$200
Design Integration$10012$100$200
Custom Programming$10012$100$200
Content/Data Entry$10012$100$200
Training & Support$10012$100$200
Total9 Hours18 Hours$900$1800
TAX (13%)$117$234
Total incl. Tax$1017$2034


Below are our terms. While we doubt it will come down to this, we put these terms in place to in order to be upfront about our expectations.

  • 50% Upfront. 50% on completion of estimate hours
  • Any unused hours can be banked for future use.
  • Hosting fees start 30 days into the project even if we are eventually moving you to your own host
  • Hosting fees require 30 days cancelation notice
  • If project is not completed in 90 days due to delays on your end and we still have hours available, 40% is due with a remaining 10% holdback.
  • Projects that go stale for over 60 days are subject to a project reboot fee of $250 in order to reschedule resources, etc.
  • First missed meeting is free, but if subsequent meetings are missed with less than 24 hours notice we charge 1 hour of time.
  • 10 Business days are allocated for user acceptance testing.
  • If your account remains unpaid for over 90 days we reserve the right to disable it until balance is paid.

Get Started

We hope this proposal meets with your satisfaction and you would like to proceed. To agree to this contract and pay the deposit for the work by credit card please click on the link below. Once we receive your payment we will schedule you in the following Monday.

Provided we have a clear direction of what you want, the final content and timely feedback, we should be able to turn this around within 2 - 3 Months. We will organize a more detailed work back schedule on our project kickoff call.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Simon McCaffrey

Tel: 416-800-0682
Email: [email protected]

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