How much for Stuff?

A guide to how we sell our time

As leaders in the web industry for over 20 years, we believe the key to a great relationship is managing expectations. Having a clear picture of what you need and you understanding what our team requires to deliver it ensures the project runs smoothly and you are happy with the results.

Expectations can be boiled down to three categories: Timelines, Deliverables & Budget.

Timelines. When we take on a project, we map out the work that is required and then create a schedule that balance milestones and delivery dates with those of other clients. We will be upfront about the estimated time to complete the project and do our best to move it along quickly.

Deliverables. There is a lot of back and forth when designing and building a website. Once a timeline is established it is important both you and our team follow it as closely as possible as delays in approvals, content submissions or other required items may result in pushing back the completion date.

Budget. Budget is based on the timeline and deliverables. Changes to either of these may mean the quote needs to be adjusted.


Quoting Methods

Often the first aspect of managing expectations is defining the budget for a specific deliverable. There are several ways we can handle this.

We just get started and track the time as we go. This is generally the quickest and most efficient approach, especially if you have purchased a block of hours. As always, the clearer your instructions and the more items you can group together, the faster we can get them done.

Fixed price
Work that requires a fixed quote at the outset takes longer to complete due to the extra time involved in looking over the work beforehand and calculating the time needed as accurately as possible. This approach is not as efficient or as convenient as hourly pricing as changes received once work is underway will require change requests so we can adjust your quote. For this option the work is based on a fixed price.

Estimated price 
We understand that some businesses require approvals before authorizing work and therefore need a rough estimate of costs. For larger or multiple changes we can give you an idea of the time it will take so you can budget. Unlike a fixed quote, however, we advise that revisions to the timeline and cost may be necessary if anything unforeseen crops up.


Hourly Rates

A little planning can save you a lot!

Scheduling your work in advance can save you money, but we understand that last minute emergencies happen. We have several rates available to accommodate your specific needs.

*Our hourly rate is the same for all of our services from graphics to custom coding.*

Scheduled Requests
Our weekly schedules are defined by 10am Monday Morning. If your request is in before then, it can be scheduled that week at our regular rate.
Rate: $125/hour

Same day Requests
We understand things come up and need some last minute attention. If your request is in before 10am, it can likely be handled the same day (depending on the scope.)
Rate: $125/hour – 2 hour minimum

After-hours & Weekend Requests
Be it dinner at the office or pulling an all-nighter when it’s crunch time, we get it done! After hours requests must be received during regular office hours by 4 pm (EST) Monday to Friday.
Rate: $125/hour at time and a half = $187.50/hour – 2 hour minimum


How we sell hours

Unlike print media, websites are constantly evolving. Whether you need to change up your look, build new functionality, add new sections or just correct a few typos, good website management is an on-going process.

We have several ways of selling hours

For clients we have worked with before who have small updates and would rather be billed after the work is performed.

For people who know what they want and have been given an estimate of hours. If you are building a new site and would like a proposal from us click here. If you are not sure what to spend, click here.

Blocks of Hours
For people who don’t know what they will need, but know they are going to need the time, they can pre-purchase a block of hours and benefit from smaller billing time increments and priority support.

We have created the following packages to save you money by reducing our administration. Each plan has a minimum commitment time for any request. The more hours you pre-purchase, the shorter the increments are that you can use your time in.

Monthly Billing
Websites these days are vital parts of some businesses and require ongoing consulting, development, support and more. For those who need ongoing work we track all of our hours and bill at the end of the month.

Stock Photography

Need stock photos for your project? Let us know and we can get them for you. Either we can search for them or you can just tell us the image numbers of the ones you want. Photos are $15/ each and billed separately  at the end of the month or the project.

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