Reasons For A Website Update

Reasons For A Website Update

You have probably seen some of the newer, better looking websites out there and are wondering if it is time to update your own website. For a business, a website is very similar to a person’s resume. It tells your current and prospective customers about your business and brands. If you have ever conduct job interviews, you know the difference between an updated resume, which stands out, and one that should be updated.

Take the time to apply this analogy to your website and its content. Does your website read like a recently updated and well written resume, or does it look like a resume that has sat on the shelf for the past few years and desperately needs to be updated? Does your site design and content stand out and look appealing, or does it look like a cookie-cutter version of a dated website from a year or two ago?

Even if you recently updated your website within the past six months to a year, it never hurts to reevaluate your website. There are benefits your business could gain by giving your website an exciting new look and updating the content. Whether you need a complete website overhaul or need to update only a few pages, here are some more questions to ask yourself and why an update can help.

Is your website technology outdated?

Website technologies continue to evolve and change. One thing that is important with to most people is how fast pages and content loads. Flash-based websites are yesterday’s news as they can be buggy and take extra time to load, in fact, complete support for Flash has been halted permanently. People are not going to wait or try to work around your buggy website issues. In addition, if the navigation is confusing or archaic, it can lead to a prospect clicking off and going elsewhere.

Is your website content mobile-friendly?

If you are still holding out for the resurgence of computer-based browsing, it is time to face the fact it is not going to happen. Mobile device users and Internet browsing outpaced computer-based browsing significantly over the past few years and this trend is going to continue as more and more people rely on mobile devices to find businesses, products, and services online. If your website is not mobile friendly, you are missing out on approximately sixty-plus percent of all Internet browsing.

Can prospects easily find you in a Google search?

Websites that are not updated on a regular basis slowly slip further down the search results. To see where your website is ranking, do a generic Google search for your products or services. Most people start looking for products or services in their area and online with a search. An updated website design with new content can help improve your rankings and placement in search results.

How secure is your website and content?

Security is a major concern for businesses more than ever today. Older websites could easily contain vulnerabilities, putting your online presence at risk. New website designs and technology are more secure and help protect your online profile, as well as any information prospects send you through your site.

How well does your site content target prospects?

When you first launched your website, you probably had a target audience in mind. However, is your target audience still the same today? Many businesses evolve and change their target focus as they grow and expand. Your website should reflect your current target markets.

Keep in mind, updating your website may not require a complete overhaul. You can decide what areas of the website, its design, and content you want to focus on updating, such as making it SEO (search engine optimization) friendly or mobile friendly, or changing the navigation and layout. The best place to get started and determine exactly what updates your website requires is by contacting a professional web design company in Toronto, like C-Seven.

At C-Seven, we will tell you exactly what you need to achieve your website design and content goals, and how you could save money doing some of the website updates yourself. For more information and to learn more about our full range of web development and design services, contact us today!


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