Top 3 things for your site in 2017

Top 3 things for your site in 2017

Are you thinking of revamping your website for 2017? Before you go slapping a new coat of paint on your existing website while expecting different results, here are a few things to consider doing for your website in 2017:

  1. Cut your number of sections down. Attention spans are still on the decline, so try to get your point across with a minimal number of sections. If you have a 50 page website and people are only going to 3 – 4 pages before leaving, your most important content could be getting missed.

  2. Write a blog. A great way to get rid of content in other sections is to turn them into articles and categorize them effectively so when you share your information via social media or get found in the search engines, if they like the content you have to say, they can get more related content. Also writing about problems you clients face and how you solved them showcases you as a subject matter expert and sells you better than your services page ever will. Aim for at least one post a week.
  3. Review your stats on a regular basis. If you can’t measure, you can’t manage and if you don’t spot problems early you could live with them for a long time. Kind of like going to the doctor or dentist on a regular basis. Installing Google Analytics is a fast and easy way to track detailed statistics about your site.

So while these are only 3 things, they are a lot to think about and not as easy as you might think to implement. If your company wants to do this but isn’t sure where to start, get in touch for a free half hour consultation.

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