Top 5 tips to get your website SEO started

Top 5 tips to get your website SEO started

So you launched a new website, but how are you going to know if it is effective or not? A website is not like a new store in the mall that has a steady stream of traffic always passing through that may just happen to see you. If you don’t know if people are in your store and what they are doing you will miss out on valuable insight.

Below are our top 5 tips on getting your SEO

  1. Install Google Analytics on your website – It is vital to be able to track the statistics on your website traffic. Google Analytics is free and very powerful. 
  2. Install Google Webmaster tools – While Analytics is great, it doesn’t track the keywords and phrases people find you for as well as webmaster tools does. 
  3. Submit your website to Google – If you are going to let anyone know you have a new website, it should be Google as that is likely where most of your searches are going to come from. You may get some inquiries from bing or yahoo too, but Google is the one to cater too. 
  4. Get listed on Google My Business  – Search engines like it if you have a physical address and can prove it. While you are at it get some of your customers to write some reviews on your business. 
  5. Get a Google Adwords account and use the keyword planner tool to try and figure out what your audience searches for.

Once you have setup the various tools and submitted your site to Google, checkback in a couple months (or more often if you like) to see what the impact has been. Next month we will talk about creating meaningful content to keep people coming back to your site.

If you are looking to grow your online business and don’t have the time or resources to put into it, contact us to see how we can help you plan, grow and and maintain your online website strategy.

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