Use Newsletters to Connect

Use Newsletters to Connect

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Social media has really taken over as the primary way people are staying connected to brands, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and so on, but what if your clients aren’t all active on social media?

Over 90% of internet connected adults are email users making it the best place to grow your connection. Newsletters give you the chance to connect with your clients quickly and easily using a product that you know they have and check regularly.

How can you use your newsletter to grow your business? Here are some great examples to connect and bring value.

Monthly Update

This type of newsletter is the one we recommend the most to our clients, its a quick, simple to setup way to remind people about your site, and let them know what you’ve been up to.

The update can be simple, think of it as a holiday letter that you write every month about your business. It can be very formal including your quarterly earnings report, or casual letting people know that the project manager Becky had a healthy happy baby girl and all enquires should now go to Jimmy until her return.

Always keep your clientele in mind and what they would expect from your business when picking your style of newsletter.

Bi-Weekly Content Newsletters

If your site produces allot of content, holds a lot of events, or is actively fundraising, a bi-weekly content newsletter might be a welcome surprise for your users.

Bi-weekly newsletters are less about updating users about your company and more about driving traffic back to your site. A collection of 3-4 call to action items is a good start, normally highlighting one item at the top with a large image, then followed by 3 smaller pieces of content with some teaser text, all linking back to their appropriate pages on your website.

Content Alerts

Used sparingly, a content alert email can be one of the best ways to connect with your users about a new product, a major event, or something big happening with your business. I’ll use 3 case studies to explain this more:

  • You have a product that you want to put on sale,sending a content alert email with the product image, description, and a call to action about the new price can bring users back to your site to purchase the sale item and other items they may find now that they’ve returned.
  • Your company has a large event happening in 2 weeks and you need to boost up registration, this lets those users know its happening and how to get more information.
  • Your company has just entered into a strategic partnership with another company and you would like to let your subscribers know about the benefits that come along with this new partnership.

These are just some examples of a content alert, but its advised that these get used sparingly, if a user gets to many newsletters from you they may lose their impact and people may stop opening them.

Closing Thoughts

Frequency and consistency are important when it comes to newsletters, you want people to look forward to your newsletter but you don’t want want them frustrated that they’ve received too many. Focus on your send frequency but most importantly, focus on your content, as content really is king.

c-Seven offers a full powered newsletter solution that’s integrated directly into the Mantis CMS to help grow your business and reach more people. Contact us for more information about this tool and how it can benefit you by filling out this form, or if you’re an existing client, you can email me at


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