Virtual Employee

An innovative approach to getting more done

An innovative approach to getting more done

20 years of helping companies has given us an indepth understanding of the human resource challenges most buisinesses face; Turnover costs/delays, hiring the wrong person, inadequate skill sets, bottlenecks in projects due to incompetence, or employee absense to name a few. One of the biggest impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the rethinking of the traditional workplace and the shift toward working vitually. An extension of this is the Virtual Employee.

The virtual employee is a relatively new concept that refers to using an outside person or service for tasks formerly done by payroll employees. This novel approach combines the convenience and flexibility of doing things in house with the added benefits of dedicated expertise, speed and major cost savings.


What is it that you need?


When do you need it by?


What do you want it to cost?

Since we do not know your deliverables or timelines yet, all we can tell you is our hourly rate is $125. So for a day’s worth of time (8 hours) it is $1000. We usually estimate things in a number of days.

For example, we may say it would be a week’s worth of hours (40 hours @ $125 = $5000) but that time would be spread out over the course of several weeks or months and consumed in smaller increments.

Everybody is different and some need more hand holding throughout the process than others which is why we sell our services mostly based on time.

Below are a couple ways we sell our services:

For work that has clearly defined deliverables and a fixed budget, we can ensure it gets locked in at that price.

For work with looser defined deliverables we can create a range of what we think the project will take. *Note we do not quote on things under a couple hours.

For future work that you know you are going to need, but don’t quite know what it is yet, you can pre-purchase hours and we work them off overtime.

For ongoing work with changing deliverables from month to month or week to week, we offer a monthly billing service where you can use as much or as little time as you like. Time is billed in 15 minute increments and we provide access to time-logs of how your time was spent. Invoices are generated at the end of the month.

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