What’s a call to action?

What’s a call to action?

A call to action is a visual element – whether it be a graphic button, phone number, etc. Anything that stands out, on your home page and throughout the other pages of your website

A call to action is meant to get users to do what and go where you want them to – whether that be to get in touch with you via phone, email or web form for more information on your services, or to sign up for your newsletter or to simply educate visitors about your services or products.

A great example of a call to action can easily be seen across many, many sites today

When you land on a website’s home page, you’re usually greeted with a nice image, tagline with a potential sub line followed by a ‘Learn More’ or ‘Interested? Let’s Talk’ or ‘Sign Up Now’ button that takes you to a separate page where you can do just that – learn more, contact someone to discuss things further or sign up for something like newsletter updates.

While the above method works great for the home page of your website, what do you do for the sub pages?

Approaches to this can include including smaller versions of the same call to action in the header section, near your logo and menu, as well as along the footer of your website – which is effective on mobile devices after a user has scrolled through a service page for example, when they reach the bottom they can get in touch. They can also be scattered throughout the page within the content of that page.

Calls to action are a great way to avoid a visitor coming to your website, then stopping to ask ‘Ok, so now what?’ They are also incredibly important ways to draw visitors through the most important parts of your website and to achieve your goals.

Have any questions about the best way to use calls to action on your website? Contact us today, we’d be happy help!

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