Why You Should Be Responsive

Why You Should Be Responsive

Responsive design has taken over the web these past few years and it has gone from a nice to have to a requirement in a very short timespan. The industry went through a trend of apps for everything, every brand seemed to have an app even though most didn’t need them. Luckily, responsive design came along and gave users a rich experience on mobile devices using their web browser.
A responsive sites has portability and accessibility as its design automatically adjusts based on the users screen size. This means your website is viewable regardless of it being displayed on a desktop, tablet, phone, or even on a fridge or smart TV. With this model you only need to update your content once from a single system (like Mantis) and you only need to develop for one place instead of apps for multiple platforms.

Google loves responsive sites for a few reasons:

  • With only one URL and one codebase, its easier for google to crawl your site.
  • Multiple sites for multiple platforms can lead google to believe that you have a lot of duplicate content, causing them to penalize you in the search ranking.
  • Google rewards sites that have a great user experience
The most important reason to use a responsive design is its best for your users. Comscore has reported that the average user in 2015 is in front of a smartphone screen for 2.8 hours a day, overtaking desktops at 2.4. Responsive design makes finding and viewing content easier for users, and it also gives you some additional control to make important items stand out for a mobile users.

How do I get a responsive site? Whats involved?

Newer sites that aren’t responsive can often be adjusted to become responsive instead of doing a complete redesign. We can review your existing site on our platform and suggest if a new design is required or not.
For older sites, going responsive goes hand and hand with a new design to modernize the look of your site. Like anything, things change with time and although a wood panelled station wagon was the greatest thing in the past, peoples likes and dislikes change and its important to make sure your site is always looking good.
If you’re interested in updating your site to be responsive or have any questions, please feel free to contact us here anytime.

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